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GlassPro, Inc is your one-stop shop for auto glass repair, auto glass replacement, and more. Serving customers throughout Cincinnati, OH, the fully insured company provides extensive knowledge and reliable products to drivers in need of car window repair, windshield repair, and custom glass repair. If you’ve got a cracked or chipped windshield, it’s important to have repairs done as soon as possible in order to maximize the safety of you and your family.

Whether you need hail damage windshield repair or a simple window replacement, the experts at GlassPro, Inc. won’t pressure you into purchasing services that are costly or outside of your budget. They strive to work closely with you until they’ve come up with the best possible solution for your issue. All installations and services will be promptly performed to get you back on the road in no time.

The technicians at GlassPro, Inc. evaluate all damage before performing any services in order to ensure that the most beneficial and cost effective solution is being applied. Vehicles of all makes and models will be serviced. GlassPro, Inc. is a member of the National Glass Association and the Better Business Bureau. For more information on their services, which include mobile glass repair and full windshield replacement, visit GlassPro, Inc. online or call (513) 874-6559.

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The fall season is in full swing, which means you’ll likely start coming out to your car in the morning to find the windshield covered in frost. While waiting for it to evaporate more
Cleaning windows of dirt and dust is fairly simple, but dealing with recurring condensation can be much more frustrating. But understanding how this fogginess happens in the first more
Sunroofs are a wonderful feature to have in your vehicle; enjoying the sunshine on your commute can set the day off right. However, you should watch for any damaged auto glass. All more
When your windshield gets a small crack or chip, it's essential to get windshield repairs right away. Over time, cracks in auto glass expand and can cause the entire windshield to more
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Any type of damage to your car’s windshield is dangerous. Not only can it obscure your view, but it also compromises the windshield’s structural integrity and makes it more prone to more
If you own a vehicle, you know the harsh winter weather leaves your ride in need of some extra TLC. To keep it in pristine condition and maintain visibility on the road, you’ll need more
If you own a car, maintenance is important to keep it safe to drive and make sure it performs well long term. Even seemingly small details like chips in the windshield can have more
If you have a minor crack or chipped windshield, cold weather can exacerbate the problem. Among other things, drastic temperature fluctuations can cause undue stress on the more
Cracking or shattering a windshield or window on your vehicle can be an unnerving experience. This issue can make your car dangerous to drive, and the cracks can spread if they’re more
Your car’s windshield provides a protective barrier against a host of debris and weather changes. When it’s damaged, driving becomes a safety hazard. In fact, in some states, it’s more
Your windshield does more than protect you from wind and flying insects—it also makes your car more impact resistant in the event of an accident. When it’s damaged, getting the more
If your auto glass has a small crack, it may seem like an issue you can safely ignore. However, you should arrange for a windshield replacement or repair promptly after the crack more
From leaving the car parked without cover during hailstorms to driving at high speeds over gravel roads, there are several ways you make your car windows and windshield more more
Auto glass is tough. It’s made to withstand high winds, heavy rain, and the occasional flying pebble. However, your windshield can be chipped and cracked by your wipers. These more
When your windshield or vehicle windows suffer damage, finding a reputable auto glass repair shop is critical. To achieve safe, secure auto glass that meets the proper standards, more
Along with cold temperatures, winter brings new car maintenance needs. You’ll have to make time to brush off snow and remove ice from your car before it’s safe to drive. You more
Your car’s windshield is essential to ensuring visibility in the worst of weather conditions. As the winter season approaches and the temperatures begin to drop, it’s more more
Winter is on the way, and along with it come the ice and snow that make driving hazardous. To stay safe, GlassPro, Inc., the most experienced auto glass replacement service in more
What do windshield wipers, road debris, and low-hanging tree limbs have in common? They can all scuff your windshield. A scratched windshield is more than an unsightly inconvenience; more
When you own a car, it’s important to be proactive in its care to avoid costly repairs. This goes for the auto glass as well as the body and engine. Your windshield is a key element more
Auto glass is an essential component of any vehicle. However, not all types of glass work for every vehicle or every driver’s needs. There are several factors that can impact the more
When it comes to your car, it’s important to know that not all auto glass is created the same. In fact, windshield glass undergoes a specific process to pass safety inspections, more
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Winters in Ohio can be harsh, especially for your car. The combination of snow, ice, salt, and sand that pelt your vehicle is a recipe for rust, which can cause severe more
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Regularly cleaning your car windows isn’t only about maintaining its appearance. Dirt, dust, droppings, and all sorts of other natural materials affect your windshields over time, more
It can happen in an instant. One moment you are driving at a safe distance behind another vehicle, and the next, a stray rock shoots up and leaves a slight crack in your auto glass. more
A broken car window or windshield is a major inconvenience as well as a safety and security concern. It needs to be repaired as soon as possible by skilled, qualified auto glass more
Winter weather can be just as harsh on cars as it is on people. If you’re interested in protecting your vehicle during the frozen months, it’s crucial to look out for more
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From parking outside during a hailstorm to driving on rough terrain, there are plenty of ways to damage car glass. When this happens, investing in windshield replacement is the best more
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When a rock hits your windshield or you get in an accident, you’ll likely need mobile glass repair. As a technician explains what damage needs to be addressed, you may hear two more
No matter how careful you may be, auto glass damage can happen. Because windshields are made of laminated glass, they shouldn't shatter under normal circumstances, but they more
As a driver, the sudden appearance of a nick or rock chip in your windshield can be unsettling. As the windshield replacement team at GlassPro, Inc. of Cincinnati more
Even if you’re a safe driver, your windshield can crack for a variety of reasons. When this happens, you may wonder whether or not it’s safe to keep driving your car until any more
If you’re waiting for car window repairs, the last thing you want is to add insult to injury with interior damage from rain and stormy weather. Let GlassPro, Inc. in Cincinnati, OH, more
No matter where you live, weather patterns are unpredictable. In fact, you can take the utmost precaution and still get caught in a storm! If you’re driving more
When it comes to safe driving, your windshield is important to maintaining visibility on the road and the structural integrity of the vehicle. But when the temperatures drop below more
The best way to deal with morning windshield ice is to scrape it off the old-fashioned way: using a scraper, with the defrost running. Some people try to speed up the process with more
When it comes to vehicle repair, some projects are better left to the pros; one such project is windshield repairs. While a little dent or ding in your auto glass might not seem more
If you have broken auto glass, you may be tempted to cover it with a tarp as a temporary solution. However, GlassPro, Inc. doesn’t recommend holding off on car window replacement or more
Winter weather can be especially harsh on your auto glass. Sidestep the need for windshield replacement this winter by utilizing a few care tips to protect it from more
In Indiana, hailstorms aren’t easy to predict—especially as winter turns into spring. While these natural events may be short, hail can significantly damage your car, even more
Whether your windshield is now sporting a rock chip after a rough day on the road or you’ve noticed the alarming growth of a crack in your glass, seeking windshield repairs as more
Now that winter is here, the drop in temperature could cause your vehicle’s windshield to crack. If this happens, it’s important to moderate the damage before you have the chance to more
If not fixed in time, minor issues with your car window glass can turn into bigger problems during the winter months. That’s why the experienced team at GlassPro, Inc. advises their more
Standing out in the cold and scraping ice off of your car windows doesn’t always make for a nice morning. But while there are some alternatives to using a scraper, beware that more
Even if you’re a safe driver, doing what you can to protect yourself and your vehicle, your windshield can take damage. Especially if you live in an area prone to strong storms, you more
As temperatures begin to drop close to freezing in Cincinnati, drivers might wake up one morning to an unwanted sight. GlassPro, Inc specializes in windshield repair and warns that more
To avoid windshield replacement this winter, GlassPro Inc.—serving the Greater Cincinnati Area—recommends exercising caution when scraping ice off of your windshield and paying more
You work hard to take care of your car and avoid expensive repairs. Unfortunately, even the most well-maintained vehicles require a windshield replacement once in a while.& more
The longer you leave your vehicle’s windshield or windows chipped, the greater the risk to your health, not to mention your wallet. If you have a cracked or damaged windshield, it’s more
A violent storm, a rouge baseball... many factors contribute to the necessity of a custom glass repair. Replacing residential windows after a natural disaster or accident is more
As the temperature drops, vehicle owners start worrying about shoveling snow off their driveways and driving in icy conditions. But those aren’t the only winter-related concerns more
Accidents happen, and, unfortunately, sometimes they occur to your car. If any of your car’s windows have been damaged or broken, they need to be fixed immediately. But before more
A windshield crack may seem like a cosmetic issue, but it is also a tremendous safety hazard. To protect yourself and your passengers while driving, address any damage with a more
Windows are an important part of any home, protecting you from the elements and welcoming natural light into the interior spaces. Unfortunately, windows are also the most more
While oftentimes auto glass repair companies can fix windshield cracks or chips, there are times when the best solution is car window replacement. GlassPro, Inc., a custom& more
Auto glass is a crucial part of any vehicle, offering visibility and protection during car accidents. Therefore, driving with a cracked or damaged windshield can be more
For some people, working on your car is a fine way to spend the weekend. In fact, taking care of your oil changes and brake pads can save you a lot of money in the long run. Some more
With autumn in full swing, now is the perfect time for windshield repair or replacement; once winter comes, the risks to your safety will only increase. GlassPro, Inc. of more
It starts with an impact and a tiny blemish, but over time, that crack in your windshield will spread. People often drive around with cracked windshields for months before more
Even the smallest scratch can cause irreparable damage to your vehicle’s windshield if it is ignored. This is why windshield repair is so important whenever your car’s windshield more
Have you recently discovered a crack in your vehicle’s windshield? While there are several DIY windshield repair kits available for an affordable price, there are many reasons why more
From stray rocks to on-road collisions, there are a lot of things that can ding, scratch, or crack your windshield. And while some cracks may seem small and negligible at first, more
From the cold of winter to the hot days of summer, there’s a wide range of seasonal weather changes that happen throughout the year in Cincinnati, OH. What some residents don’t more
Cracks and chips in car windows are common problems; however, repairing the damage is best left to professional auto glass repair companies. While do-it-yourself projects sometimes more
When a stray pebble bounces off the highway, strikes your windshield, and takes a chink out of the glass, don't ignore the damage. Fix the problem immediately to prevent the cracks more
Small damage to your vehicle’s windshield doesn’t usually stay that way. Over time, minute cracks and chips can grow exponentially, which means you will ultimately require the more
While your car’s windshield or side windows may not look that different from the glass you’d find in your home windows, they are actually quite dissimilar—both in terms of how they more
Owners of vintage or rare vehicles know how hard it is to find auto glass that fits. Before 1980, manufacturers were subject to different safety standards, so cars were built to more
Your car windows are always vulnerable to damage, and the team at GlassPro, Inc. knows that’s particularly true during summer. For years, the company has been helping customers more
A severe hailstorm can leave your car with serious damage to your auto glass. Serving Cincinnati, OH, GlassPro, Inc. provides superlative window replacements and auto glass more
You might not think too much about small dents and cracks in your car’s glass, but putting off windshield repair can cost you big. Extreme temperatures and weather during the summer more
Auto glass is an important part of driving, helping you safely navigate while protecting you from harsh elements — but it isn’t invincible. Just one windshield crack can more
When your windshield cracks or breaks, you may be tempted to ignore the issue until you have the time or money to have it fixed. Unfortunately, ignoring auto glass cracks more
When you’re on a budget, it’s tempting to try to cut costs by fixing and repairing broken items yourself—but not everything is safely done DIY. For auto glass repair, even a more
Some auto problems can be easily fixed on your own. From oil changes to windshield wiper replacement, some quick repairs don’t necessarily require the help of a body shop. But for a more
If your car needs window replacement, it can sometimes be difficult to find the time to bring your vehicle to the professionals to have them repair your auto glass. At more
If you've ever been driving down the road when a rock suddenly strikes your window, you know how frustrating it is to have a damaged windshield. But there are ways you can more
Your car is a large investment and you want to do everything you can to protect it from damage. However, accidents do occur and even stray objects can cause harm to your auto more
Chips and cracks of all sizes can impact your windshield at any given moment, and they're often out of your control. Don't let a small inconvenience turn into a serious problem, more
Summer can be hard on your windshield. Small chips and cracks can spread when your windshield heats up. GlassPro, Inc. offers professional auto glass repair and windshield more
The soaring temperatures of summer can have a serious impact on your auto glass. The windshield repair experts at GlassPro, Inc. know that Cincinnati, OH, is no stranger to hot more
Although GlassPro, Inc. is the No. 1 choice for reliable and affordable windshield replacement in Cincinnati, OH, the professionals at this glass company also perform auto more
When you're driving around and experience a crack in your windshield, there are several do's and don'ts you should keep it mind to ensure the damage doesn't worsen before you can more
Cracked windshields are not only a nuisance, but also dangerous. If your windshield cracks, GlassPro, Inc. offers you some important tips for mitigating the damage more
In all your years of driving, your car will likely sustain damage to its windshield at some point. Because broken glass is dangerous to drive with, it's important to get windshield more
Don’t let the summer heat get the best of your windshield! If you have a crack or chip, allow the professional auto glass experts at GlassPro, Inc. to provide you with more
There isn't much more frustrating than having a cracked or chipped windshield. It's unsightly, takes away from the look of the rest of the vehicle, and can even be dangerous. A chip more
GlassPro, Inc. is the leading auto glass company in Cincinnati. Specializing in windshield replacements and repairs, these highly-skilled technicians have the equipment and the more
GlassPro, Inc. offers premier auto glass replacement and repair services throughout the Cincinnati, OH, area, delivering a full range of auto glass treatments as well as providing more
There are many things to look forward to during the winter season, but icy driving conditions can impair your ability to travel safely. GlassPro, Inc. has a history of providing more
Most drivers don’t consider their windshields when it comes to preparing their vehicles for winter, but some steps can be taken now to make sure your windshield remains intact until more
When it comes to auto glass, you only get one chance before a repair becomes a replacement. Save yourself the aggravation of finding a store-bought glass repair kit that won't as a more
Indiana winters can be brutal, and the next one will be here before you know it. When people think about winterizing their cars, they usually think tires, four-wheel drive, and more
Every windshield crack lessens its integrity and safety. When your windshield is cracked, the last thing you want is for the crack to grow. Rather than watch its inevitable more
Glasspro, Inc. will come to you when your are in need.  We are offering free onsite repair with the purchase of the windshield.  Just give us a call and we will come out more
If you have a collision, your car’s windshield should help protect you from injuries, so if you’re in the market for a windshield repair or replacement you’ll want to make sure that more
A small chip on your windshield looks harmless enough. After all, how much of an impact could a tiny chip really have on your day-to-day driving experience? While a windshield chip more
If your vehicle’s windshield has some damage, then you should be scurrying along and getting a windshield replacement as soon as possible. In the greater Lawrenceburg, IN area, more
It can be very frightening when your windshield gets damaged, as the windshield is one of the most vital safety components of your car. For years, Glasspro has been providing more
Your car plays a crucial role in your everyday lifestyle, so it’s important to make sure it’s always in optimal condition. No matter how diligently you care for your windshield, you more
The windshield not only keeps the elements out of your line of sight, but it’s also a very important safety feature of your car. Windshields are designed to keep you inside the more
That rock chip or small ding in your windshield can seem like a cosmetic nuisance, but delaying a windshield repair in the winter can actually be extremely dangerous. The reason for more
For most car owners, there’s going to be at least one time when you approach your vehicle only to find a broken window or windshield. And at that time of need you shouldn’t have to more
All responsible drivers know that when there's an issue with your windshield, you definitely don't want to mess around – you want that problem fixed as soon as possible, and also as more
During the course of getting from one place to another, millions of people every day walk up to their vehicle only to find a frustrating surprise- a broken window or windshield. more