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Whether it’s rats or roaches, Elite Pest Management is your number one resource for keeping your home or business clear of critters. Having offered pest control services in Amelia, OH, for more than 25 years, this exterminator has gained a reputation for effective, thorough service that’s available at affordable rates.

Elite Pest Management takes extermination and removal seriously, understanding that pests pose risks to both your home and your health. Thanks to their advanced expertise and tools, this team can handle all the common creatures that can invade your home, such as cockroaches, stinging insects, and ants. Safe wildlife removal is also available if a feral animal has found its way into your home or yard.

If you’re worried about your property’s structural integrity, Elite Pest Management offers complete termite inspection and treatment to ensure they won’t damage wood materials. If mice or rats are hiding out in your home, this team offers fast rodent removal. And if your pet has brought in any unwelcome guests, flea and bed bug treatments can be provided to offer you comfort and peace of mind.

When you need pest control services, Elite Pest Management doesn’t waste time. Their licensed and insured exterminators offer prompt service to pinpoint any problems you’ve been having and offer the most effective solutions. In addition to providing low-cost extermination services, this team also works to achieve minimal disruption to your daily life. As such, many of their treatments can be applied without the hassle of tenting and fumigating.

Whether you need a residential termite treatment or commercial pest control services in Amelia, OH, Elite Pest Management is ready to relieve your troubles! To request an estimate or schedule service, call the experts at (513) 673-2685. Visit their website for more information on the services they offer.  

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