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Are you in need of a landscape expert to improve your outdoor living experience?  Whether you want to give your garden a facelift or start from scratch, the landscape design professionals at Greg Boyer Landscape Corp. in Hawaii, can help. This highly skilled and experienced team is equipped to provide a full range of landscape services in a timely and professional manner. If you are looking for a landscape company that provides friendly, personalized service and treats its clients with the utmost care and respect, then Greg Boyer Landscape Corp. is the perfect choice.

Greg Boyer Landscape Corp. specializes in landscape architecture services for custom residential homes. They provide a fully computerized Landscape Master Plan that consists of a planting plan, irrigation plan and a low-voltage night lighting plan that is required by many planned communities throughout Hawaii.  These plans are the first step in making your dream garden become a reality.  Founder, Greg Boyer has been creating one-of-a-kind landscapes in Hawaii since 1975. He utilizes his master’s degree in landscape architecture to create personalized landscapes based on a mixture of common design principles and techniques. 

“We believe that beautiful estates are a product of good planning and it’s our job to create a garden that offers you the serenity and sensitivity that you deserve.”

Greg Boyer Landscape Corp. is aware every client is different, which is why their landscape firm offers a full range of landscape services.  In Kona, they are truly a “one-stop shop” providing landscape installation services for the gardens designed by Greg Boyer.  If you would like continuity between the garden design and the actual installation, Greg Boyer Landscape Corp. is a licensed landscape contractor with an experienced construction crew to make your dream garden a reality.  They also have a comprehensive landscape nursery where you can actually hand-select your plant materials.  Their 5 acre Kona facility provides a wide variety of tropical palms and other exotic plants where you can see and learn about the many tropical plant choices you will be making.

To learn more about Greg Boyer Landscape Corp., one of Hawaii’s top residential design firms, contact them today at (808) 239-8264. They specialize in landscape design throughout the Hawaiian Islands and are available for a customized landscape installation in the Kona area.  Be sure to visit the website for a complete list of services.


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