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Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers

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Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers , Physical Therapy, Health and Beauty, Lincoln, Nebraska

Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers in Lincoln, NE, is a name synonymous with efficient physiotherapy services. Much like the unique spelling of its name, this top-rated practice stands out, due to the quality of physical rehabilitation services offered. Specializing in a broad range of physical therapy solutions, their in-house experts adopt a hands-on approach to help address your ailments.

This physiotherapy clinic in Lincoln is proud to be one of the 196 locations Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers serves countrywide. Their resident physical therapy professionals follow meticulous, science-based procedures to ensure fast healing and to give you the reassurance that your health is in capable hands. From basic back pain relief to comprehensive sports rehabilitation, this center is a one-stop solution provider for your physical wellbeing.

Every service you receive at Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers revolves around your unique health requirements. The physiotherapists study your diagnosis and medical history in detail before creating a program that offers you tailor-made solutions. Their thorough wellness services not only stimulate your muscles to promote healing, but also help your body to prevent future injuries. In addition, their detailed neurological, orthopedic, and balance therapy services reduce your reliance on medication by strengthening your body from within.

Placing a high priority on customer service, Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers facilitates clients every step of the way. This trusted physiotherapy clinic accepts all major insurance plans, and, if need be, will create a suitable payment plan for you.

With so much to offer, it’s hardly surprising that Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers was listed among the fastest growing entrepreneurial ventures in 2014 and 2015. Set up an appointment with their exceptional physiotherapy specialists at (402) 476-6575, and visit their website to view the extensive list of services they offer. You can also follow the clinic’s Facebook page to receive regular updates and informative links about physical and balance therapy procedures.

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