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Kirk Douglas Video Productions, Video Production, Arts and Entertainment, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Have you ever had to sit through a long, boring video presentation, only to find that you were too busy trying to keep your eyes open to retain any information? Kirk Douglas Video Productions in Saint Paul, MN, knows this scenario all too well, which is what sets them apart from other video production companies. When you enlist the services of Kirk Douglas Video Productions, you’ll receive an innovative, engaging video that will keep viewers on the edge of their seat, no matter what the content is.

Kirk Douglas Video Production dares to be different by creating unique concepts that deliver a clear message to your audience. Since 2002, they’ve been providing residents and business of the Minneapolis and St. Paul area with a wide range of services, including video and audio transfers, photography and slideshow design, sports video packages, and cutting-edge video production and editing.

Kirk Douglas Video Productions values clear lines of communication; whether you’re creating a video of sports clips to apply for a scholarship or a commercial for your business, your input is key to the project’s success. You’ll have the opportunity to hone your video project’s message with their producers while the rest of the team focuses on the technical aspects.

As an award-winning video production company, Kirk Douglas Video Productions offesr a broad range of services. They’ll help you convert that old box of wedding photos into a beautiful, one-of-a-kind digital slideshow, complete with audio. They are also equipped to transfer VHS to DVD, allowing you to use your old video footage to create a new, original presentation.

Whether you need to digitize photos from the family album or transfer your cassettes to MP3, the professionals from Kirk Douglas Video Productions can help. Contact them today at 612-804-9503 or visit their website for a closer look at what they do.

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