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Tri-County Furniture Restoration, Furniture Repair and Refinishing, Services, Cincinnati, Ohio

For more than 36 years, Tri-County Furniture Restoration has been providing bedroom set restoration, dining room restoration, table restoration, and commercial furniture restoration to clients throughout Cincinnati. The company stays up to date with all the most recent trends in furniture restoration in order to provide you with high quality and reliable service.

Your furniture is more than just a way to add comfort and aesthetic appeal to your home. Every piece of furniture in your home is unique, and the experts at the furniture repair shop will work tirelessly to restore your furniture or upholstery to its original state. Whether you have contemporary or antique furniture that has suffered damage from age, natural elements, or other sources, the skilled craftsmen will restore it to pristine condition. If your furniture hasn’t been damaged at all, but simply has lost its shine, the company also offers refinishing services.

Whether you need them to restore your furniture or reupholster your fabrics, the experienced professionals at Tri-County Furniture Restoration will use a wide range of innovative and time tested techniques that are sure to leave you satisfied. You’ll receive individualized service to help bring your furniture and your home back to its original beauty. Visit the company online or in person to view all of their options, or call (513) 771-6389 for more information.

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