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Hindsman & Son, Inc.

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Hindsman & Son, Inc., Auto Repair, Services, Russellville, Arkansas

Based in Russellville, AR, Hindsman & Son has become known as the region’s premier tire specialist. The staff here have been helping residents throughout the area with a wide variety of related auto needs since 1987.

The expertise of Hindsman & Son begins with their notorious selection of tires for sale. Offering high-quality tires for a diverse range of automobiles, all sourced from the most renowned manufacturers in the industry, is just one reason Hindsman & Sons stands apart from the rest. After you’ve found the optimal tire, the staff is available to help with rotations, flats, or any other tire-related need. Beyond tires, the mechanics are trained in auto repair matters as well as preventative maintenance services. Whether you need a brake repair or an oil change, the team will get your car back on the road in excellent condition.

What really distinguishes Hindsman & Son is their elite customer service. Taking immense pride in their deep knowledge of cars, they will answer any question you have and always take the time to offer insights into how you might optimize your vehicle and its performance. The staff is known for establishing meaningful relationships with customers, remembering small details about their cars that ultimately make for better service. With Hindsman & Son, their customer service even extends outside of the shop - if you ever get into trouble while driving, they offer a 24-hour roadside service.

Whether you’re looking for new tires or you need a vehicle inspection, don’t hesitate to reach out to Hindsman & Son. You can get in touch with the staff by calling (479) 880-1222. For more information about the shop, visit their website.

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