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A dedicated team of counselors is sometimes all it takes to fight the uphill battle against depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). With help from the experienced therapists at Counseling Solutions of Alaska, you can get the support you need to work through a difficult time in your life. Whether you need grief and loss counseling or relationship advice, the Anchorage, Alaska-based practice stands by you every step of the way.

Counseling Solutions of Alaska draws from the expertise, training, and experience of their team of mental health professionals. The practice houses some of the best nurse practitioners, licensed professional counselors, and social workers to offer you a comprehensive range of emotional and behavioral health solutions. Together, these clinicians guide you through strategies unique to you to help you cope with and conquer the challenges associated with depression and other mental health concerns.

To provide personalized clinical services, they conduct an initial evaluation to determine the extent and severity of symptoms. Developing and implementing a customized approach helps them make the proper recommendations for clients in need of therapeutic intervention for anxiety and other conditions.

 Additionally, those who find it challenging to navigate the complexities of relationships, parenting, and other life skills, can also find help at the Anchorage practice. Their professional therapies for couples and individuals revolve around a broad range of areas, including stress management, communication, and conflict resolution.

Having Counseling Solutions of Alaska available to help is an assurance that you’re not alone in your battle against emotional or mental health complications. The practice works to exceed your expectations during your care, accepting almost every major insurance provider. For further information about their thorough and efficient counseling services, call (907) 644-8044 or visit the website to see a complete listing of their services.

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