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D Z Strad

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D Z Strad is the leading string workshop for violins, cellos, and violas. This authentic music studio features a full inventory of classic and modern violins, cellos, and violas, as well as a wide array of unique accessories such as bows, tuners, and pegs. Catering to performers of all levels, D Z Strad provides musicians with an all-encompassing source for everything related to stringed instruments.

Selling to both wholesale providers and retail shops, D Z Strad features the best selection of high quality stringed instruments, each elegantly crafted and certified for performers. Shop online and browse the immense inventory of instruments, strings, and bows, as well as other essentials like cases, shoulder rests, and bow screws.

Organize your search by instrument type and price, and inspect each instrument with a full gallery of high resolution photos. Musicians will be able to discern the high quality craftsmanship and unique style of each of D Z Strad's violas, violins, and cellos, and can compare prices and packages. Additionally, D Z Strad offers customizable violins based on your specific requirements.

Retailers throughout the United States can contact D Z Strad for wholesale prices. Many music stores throughout North America and Europe stock D Z Strad products. Get qualified violins and bows with even further savings by shopping directly online.

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