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Geddis Abel-Bey, MD

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Geddis Abel-Bey, MD, Obgyn, Health and Beauty, Flushing, New York

For the best obstetric and gynecological care in Queens, visit the office of Geddis-Abel Bey, MD. Conveniently located in Flushing, NY, Dr. Geddis-Abel Bey and his staff deliver quality OB/GYN services to women throughout the borough.  From fertility testing and prenatal care to general women’s health, you will find the care you need at the offices of Geddis-Abel Bey, MD.

Although typically thought of as a women’s profession, Dr. Geddis-Abel Bey comes from a long line of male gynecologists. Following in the footsteps of his father and uncle, Dr. Geddis-Abel Bey’s lifelong dream was to open a women’s health center. With their competent, caring, patient-centered approach towards their patients, the staff at Geddis-Abel Bey, MD’s office has delivered over 8,000 babies. Obstetric services offered at the office of Geddis-Abel Bey, MD include family planning, fertility testing for female patients and their partners, genetic testing for potential diseases, ultrasounds, and prenatal care. Dr. Geddis-Abel Bey is also qualified to practice perinatology—a particular branch of gynecology that delivers care to women and fetuses of high-risk pregnancies.

In addition to obstetric care, Dr. Geddis-Abel Bey and his staff also provide general gynecological care to patients, including adolescent and post-menopausal patients. The services rendered include wellness checks, pap smears, and breast, ovarian, and cervical cancer screenings. The office of Geddis-Abel Bey, MD can provide oncological care to women, offering chemotherapy and surgical options for different types of cancer.  In addition to these services, Dr. Geddis-Abel Bey also provides pelvic reconstruction procedures for patients who have experienced prolapse of the pelvic organs following pregnancy.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Geddis-Abel Bey for OB/GYN services, call (718) 463-5511 today.

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