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Murphy’s Plumbing Company is one of the most trusted professionals to call when you run into broken pipes or have a clogged drain.  Having provided residential plumbing in Mebane, NC since 1988, this plumber carries 30 years of respected experience to ensure your home is offered nothing but the best.

No matter what plumbing services you need for your home, this contractor has all the tools and skill necessary to keep your water flowing. For example, Murphy’s Plumbing Services can help install new sinks for your kitchen, replace restricted water lines, perform plumbing inspections, or re-pipe your plumbing with updated copper or PEX materials. You can also count on this emergency plumber for critical services, such as water heater repair and broken toilets. For added convenience, this plumbing contractor is also skilled in Gas line replacement and repair.

Murphy’s Plumbing Services offers some of the most competitive pricing in the area, and welcomes estimate requests so you can be sure you’re getting the best rate. You’ll also be able to speak directly to the plumber to ask any questions you may have—and to determine what type of plumbing services you actually need.

For small and large plumbing jobs in Orange, Alamance, and Durham Counties, contact Murphy’s Plumbing Company at (919) 563-5165. Be sure also to visit this contractor online for helpful plumbing tips and customer reviews.

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