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Jackson Hewitt Tax Service

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Jackson Hewitt Tax Service, Tax Preparation & Planning, Finance, Jacksonville, Arkansas

When you decide to hire a professional to prepare your tax return, you want to choose a preparer who is well-versed in the current tax laws. The tax preparation experts at Jackson Hewitt® Tax Service in Jacksonville, AR, have a thorough understanding of the requirements and work diligently to ensure you receive all the tax credits and deductions to which you are entitled. When you work with their team, you can rest assured knowing your financial information is in good hands.

The tax return preparers at Jackson Hewitt Tax Service take time to discuss your financial circumstances with you so they understand your situation and can minimize your tax burden. They will prepare accurate federal and state tax returns and even review returns from the previous three years to make sure you received all the money you were owed.

The CPAs at Jackson Hewitt Tax Service know you work hard for every penny you earn. If they don’t help you get the largest federal tax refund you deserve, you’ll get your tax preparation fee back. Their Worry-Free Gold Guarantee® ensures reimbursement for any reduction of your tax refund or additional taxes you owe if one of their tax preparers makes an error on your return. Their Audit Security Gold Guarantee makes their tax service completely responsible for managing your case if you ever are audited, giving you peace of mind knowing their experts will fight the Internal Revenue Service on your behalf.

The tax preparation professionals at Jackson Hewitt Tax Service in Jacksonville, AR, are passionate about preparing taxes and saving clients money. Call (501) 941-1131 or visit them online to learn more about their tax services.

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