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Lee & Smith, PLLC is an accounting firm located in Texarkana, Texas dedicated to fulfilling all your accounting and tax needs. The accountants at Lee & Smith, PLLC have served their community for almost 30 years, bringing with them a wealth of experience in everything from basic bookkeeping to sound tax advice when you need it most. Their work ethic and commitment to prompt and quality service to each client makes them invaluable to individuals and businesses in the Texarkana area and beyond.

When you need an accountant, it’s important to choose someone who is highly qualified and knowledgeable about federal and state business and tax filing requirements. Lee & Smith, PLLC offers accounting services that include bookkeeping, financial statement preparation, payroll, and budgeting. They also offer tax services including the preparation of federal and state individual, business, trust & estate income tax returns.

Lee & Smith, PLLC also assists with financial and tax planning. They use their experience and knowledge of the tax laws to help minimize your liability whenever possible. They help individuals and business with a variety of tax tips to make your filing as simple and accurate as possible.

To learn more about how experienced accountants can and will streamline your financial life, call Lee & Smith, PLLC in Texarkana at (903) 832-4339.  You can also visit their website for a comprehensive list of their services as well as a convenient contact form to request an appointment for a consultation.

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