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Great dentistry is about more than fillings, crowns, and bridges. Rather, the best oral care comes when patients develop a trusting, long-term relationship with a friendly, compassionate dental care team that emphasizes preventive care. In Naugatuck, Connecticut, that team is led by Brian Perelmuter, DMD, P.C. and a staff of dental hygiene professionals from their comfortable, inviting office at 156 Meadow Street.

Dr. Perelmuter and his team have inspired loyalty in their patients over 21 years by providing a full range of restorative and cosmetic dentistry services in an atmosphere of respect and concern for each patient’s overall health and happiness. Whether it is routine teeth cleaning, fluoride treatments, or checkups to dental implants, dentures, and veneers, the staff is committed to the idea of routine dental care as a crucial component of general health care.

Dr. Perelmuter understands many people miss out on the health benefits of routine oral care in part because of their discomfort with dental visits. Due to this, his staff places special emphasis on communicating with patients of all ages to build cooperative relationships that can lead to a lifetime of natural teeth and good health. They hope your initial visit to their office — whether for routine teeth cleaning or to address a painful toothache — will be just the first of many regular visits that will keep you and your family smiling over the long term.

For caring, trustworthy oral care in Naugatuck, Connecticut, turn to the office of Brian Perelmuter, DMD, P.C. Visit online to find out more about Dr. Perelmuter’s background and patient-centered philosophy, or call (203) 729-3323 today to schedule your appointment!

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