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Effective, quality, and long-lasting roof repair can only come from a contracting company that deeply understands the importance of its work. That’s why families and businesses on the island of Oahu choose Al Rezentes Roofing Inc as the source of their roof repairs! The professional team delivers expert service in the areas of roof coating, roof sealing, re-roofing, solar fans, skylight repair, and more, and they’re prepared to take on projects of all sizes.

After more than 30 years of service to the entire island of Oahu, Al Rezentes Roofing is still proud to offer “exceptional roof services at an affordable price” to its customers on a daily basis. The team is extensively trained in every aspect of the industry—including the absolute latest in safety and health regulations—and offer roof maintenance, restoration, and repair so wonderful, customers often wish they could give the company a second call. (But they’ll never need to!)

If an urgent need arises, all Kailua clients are able to contact the roofers’ 24/7 emergency line.

When you’re looking for a roofing company in Oahu that values its own attention to detail, workmanship, and attractive rates, visit Al Rezentes Roofing Inc. Visit the roofing company online to get started, or call (808) 230-8005 to discuss small, specialized, or ongoing projects today!

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