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Patients in Cincinnati only want the best from their dentist office, which is why they choose Lowitz & Meier as their source of family dentistry, every time. The top dentists in the area specialize in every area of orthodontics, which makes their office a one-stop-shop for families in Cincinnati seeking the highest-quality oral treatment!

The attention to detail and level of patient care provided by the professionals at Lowitz & Meier is unparalleled. Five days a week, patients of every age rest assured that they’re in the best possible hands. Whether they’re seeking cosmetic solutions (including flawless porcelain veneers) or require intensive oral care (including dental bridges and root canals), Lowitz & Meier will help restore optimal health and shine to their patients’ smiles.

Just last year Lowitz & Meier became a recipient of the Angie’s List 2013 Super Service Award. Learn more about this exciting local award, view a gallery of patient successes, and more by booking a consultation with the dentists at your convenience.

To schedule an appointment with the best dentist office in Cincinnati, contact Lowitz & Meier today! Learn more about dental care, porcelain veneers, dental crowns, dentures, care for sleep apnea, braces, and more by calling (513) 521-8900 and visiting the Lowitz & Meier team online. A more comfortable, positive dentist experience awaits.

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Back-to-school means running around to pick up notebooks, pencils, and clothes. However, it should also include a dental exam. A large number of students have tooth decay that needs ...read more
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If you are in need of dental veneers, you might have heard of porcelain as popular veneer material. To find out more about what porcelain veneers are and benefits of using them,...read more
As one of the leading family dentistry practices in Cincinnati, OH, the team at Lowitz & Meier is often asked about teeth whitening. Their dental care experts are commi...read more
When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, there are plenty of options available to give you the smile you’ve always wanted. At Lowitz & Meier in Cincinnati, OH, the team offers a...read more
If you feel like your smile is dull or you’re self-conscious about the color of your teeth, consider having them professionally whitened. For over 30 years, the team at the dent...read more
Don’t let your hectic schedule get in the way of your dental health! Lowitz & Meier is here to offer some quick and easy dental care tips that will help you maintain a healthy an...read more
If you’re looking to improve your set of pearly whites, look into the benefits of both porcelain veneers and dental bridges, and allow the professionals at Lowitz & Meier&nb...read more
If you have persistent, acute dental pain, you may be in need of a root canal. The procedure may have a bad reputation, but if you have the right dentists, they can be quick and extr...read more
Every parent wants to make sure their kids grow up healthy and happy, and promoting proper oral hygiene is a big part of that. Lowitz & Meier, Cincinnati’s favorite family d...read more
Celery is a vegetable that doesn’t get much praise, but did you know it offers numerous benefits for your teeth? In honor of National Celery Month, the dentists at Lowitz & ...read more
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You’re happy to report that you’re raising a kid with good morals and manners, spirit and spunk, creativity and imagination. It’s fair that “good dental hygiene” isn’t always ...read more
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As your young ones enjoy their last few weeks of summer, remember to schedule a visit with Lowitz & Meier in Cincinnati, OH. This family dentistry team can ensure your children e...read more
Show your love for the top dentists in Cincinnati with a free Lowitz & Meier t-shirt! The black shirts feature the company's logo on both the front and the back, as well as conta...read more
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Visiting the dentist can oftentimes be an anxiety-ridden experience. With all of the tools, sounds, and liquids, what exactly is happening with each procedure? The dentists at L...read more
Gone are the days when poor oral health meant an unappealing smile. Thanks to the advancements and new technology in restorative dentistry, having a beautiful smile is an achievable ...read more
Your teeth are meant to last a lifetime, but sometimes they don’t! Dental implants are a common option for replacing missing teeth due to periodontal disease or injury. Cincinnati’s&...read more
There can never be too much emphasis on the importance of oral hygiene and taking care of your teeth and gums. In Cincinnati, OH, Lowitz & Meier have become the one-stop-shop for...read more
Believe it or not, taking great care of your gums may actually help you prevent heart disease.  Recent studies have shown that gum disease and cardiovascular problems may be rel...read more
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It’s that frigid time of year when everyone's teeth are chattering. But if you have sensitive teeth, brrrrr quickly becomes ouch! So how do you handle the pain during the winter...read more
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With a reputation for providing the best in dental care and family dentistry services, Lowitz & Meier is committed to brightening the smiles of the Cincinnati area. Not only does...read more
When Cincinnati residents need dental work done, they rely on the family dentistry practice of Lowitz & Meier. These dentists excel in every aspect of dental care by utilizing to...read more