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Ear Nose & Throat Specialties PC, Audiologists & Hearing, Health and Beauty, Lincoln, Nebraska

Ear Nose & Throat Specialties PC is Lincoln NE’s largest Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) practice and provides comprehensive ENT services to patients of all ages. Since 1991, their privately owned and operated practice has grown to include a dedicated group of physicians, audiologists, nurses, physician’s assistants, and support staff who combine the most innovative ear, nose, and throat care with a comfortable atmosphere and caring touch.

At ENT Specialties, thorough diagnosis and treatment is available for a variety of conditions, including general ear, nose, and throat disorders, allergies, sinus and nasal diseases, airway problems, and thyroid disorders. Whether a patient is having unexplained challenges with balance, finds it hard to swallow, or has a child who needs ear tubes, the ENT Specialties state of the art facility is fully equipped to handle all requirements. From tonsillectomies and adenoidectomies to head and neck tumors, no condition is too severe for their expert physicians. Lincoln families find comfort knowing there is expert care available for every need. From pediatrics to elder care, from clinical expertise to allergy testing, hearing aids to CT scans, ENT Specialties is the center for all surgical and non-surgical options.

With three satellite locations to serve you in Beatrice, Seward, and Fairbury, the group is known across Lancaster County for the convenience of care as well as the team behind the procedures and treatments. Patients cannot say enough good things about their physicians, physician assistants, and audiologists, who are relentless in their mission to heal and committed to the most comfortable and curative care for all patients. From their pediatric experts to their renowned surgical team, once families meet the ENT Specialties staff, the search for outstanding family medical care is over.

If you are seeking a warmhearted and skillful ear, nose, and throat doctor, call the Ear Nose & Throat Specialties PC group in Lincoln, NE at (402) 488-5600 to make an appointment. For complete information about their ENT services, visit their practice website, or follow them for staff updates on Facebook.

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