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Reitman Auto Parts & Sales, Inc. strives to recycle vehicles in a safe and environmentally-friendly way. Whether you’re looking for used tires, used engines, used transmissions, or any other used car parts, you’ll find a variety of recycled discount auto parts for sale. The auto shop services all vehicle makes and models, so you’re guaranteed to find the part you need to improve your car or truck.

Reitman annually processes about 500 vehicles, giving them a large amount of inventory. They carry parts for vehicles made as far back as 1990, which provides you with numerous options when you need to replace a part on your vehicle. Reitman’s inventory comes from a variety of sources, such as salvage pools, insurance companies, and individual companies. All inventory is processed and dismantled onsite. The vehicles themselves are used as the warehouses for the auto parts, which allows them to make even the smallest parts readily available to you.

In addition to providing parts, Reitman also offers used cars for sale and used trucks for sale. They recycle and reuse as much as possible and try to make use of every vehicle part. Any parts that cannot be used are disposed of in a smart and safe way. For more information on products, visit Reitman Auto Parts & Sales, Inc. online or call (859) 635-2127.

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