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For great tasting sausage and seafood, it’s all about the freshness of the product. This is the guiding principle behind Alaska Sausage & Seafood, which has been providing freshly processed smoked sausages and Wild Alaskan smoked seafood products to loyal customers for more than 50 years. Based in Anchorage, AK, this family-owned company ships its locally sourced and processed goods throughout the United States.

Alaska Sausage & Seafood features an extensive array of Alaskan specialties, including Alaskan smoked salmon, smoked seafood, and Alaskan sausage with reindeer meat. It also offers imported European sausages, shipped directly from its European retail location. The company’s website shows its full product offering, including gourmet gift packages—the perfect present for your favorite foodie.

Since opening its doors in 1963, Alaska Sausage & Seafood has always emphasized personal connections, with both its suppliers and its customers. Born from a desire to provide Anchorage’s hunters with a central location for cutting, processing, and packaging game, the business maintains its close ties to the local hunting and fishing communities. It still offers the same top quality Alaskan seafood and game processing services, allowing the company to continue providing the best products possible to its valued customers.

If you’re looking for an unusual food treat—whether for yourself, a loved one, or a business contact—take the opportunity to “taste the best” with Alaska Sausage & Seafood. From reindeer sausages to Alaskan seafood, the product offering has something to suit every taste. You can place your order online. If you have any questions, contact the helpful customer service department at (907) 562-3636.     

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