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Kauai Sea Tours offer one of a kind unique wildlife adventures in Hawaii. This top-rated Hawaiian boat tours company invites you to set sail and experience the rare Na Pali coast—a remote beach locale only accessible by those who carry a special permit. Whether you are out for a day in the sun or want to see exotic marine life, this is one experience you will never forget.

As one of the most sought after Hawaii attractions, Kauai Sea Tours offers a rare look at Kauai’s Na Pali coast—a site complete with incredible views of the island’s purest wildlife areas. Offering catamaran cruise and ocean rafting options, this sea tours company allows you and your loved ones to get up close and personal with an archaeological site that dates back 800 years. It is also an incredible opportunity to go whale watching, explore sea caves, delight in dolphins, snorkel, and hike through the natural splendor that is Kauai.

While Kauai Sea Tours can offer you everything from breathtaking waterfall views to dolphin watching expeditions, you will also be treated to some of the best services in Hawaii’s tourism industry. This crew has won several accolades and awards throughout their long history of exotic adventures, including being named the #1 Best Boat Tour several years in a row.

To learn more about rates and view pictures of previous Kauai Sea Tours pay a visit their website. If you would like to book a boat tour for your next Hawaiian vacation contact the crew today at (808) 335-5309.

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