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29-329 Chin Chuck Rd
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Alpha K-9 Kennels, Pet Boarding and Sitting, Services, Hakalau, Hawaii

Alpha K-9 Kennels in North Hilo, Hakalau, HI, proudly offers excellent home-like care and open-air boarding for dogs and cats whether you are taking a long weekend or an extended business trip. Alpha K-9 Kennels boarding facilities, located on 8 acres of beautiful ocean-view property along the Hamakua coast, just 15 miles north of Hilo offers a peaceful environment for your pet, already stressed due to the separation from you and your family.

  • Exercise and Grooming:  At Alpha K-9 Kennels, all dogs enjoy appropriately-sized kennels. Also offered are services owners can add according to your pet’s needs, such as time in the play and exercise yard, private walks on a Flexi-leash, extra grooming and dematting, and exit baths that will send them back home fresh and fragrant! Small pets can enjoy in-house boarding.
  • Feeding: Included in your pet’s stay is Puppy or adult dry dog food, along with nightly evening treats. Canned food can be ordered as an option for your pet, in addition to the complimentary dry food. Alpha K-9 Kennels proudly sells Wellness Grain Free Free Dog Food. 
  • Cats: Cats are lodged in a place of their own at the Cat House for one standard daily fee that includes food and a litterbox. As with dogs, medications can be administered to your pet for a nominal fee, and special needs are discussed in a pre-boarding interview.

Ask about the flexible choices in drop-off and pick-up times, as well as transportation services to and from Hilo. Your felines, as well as canines, will have a terrific stay at Alpha K-9 Kennels! Alpha K-9 Kennels in North Hilo, HI, is open seven days a week. Visit their website or call for an appointment to visit this home away from home for your pets at (808) 963-6000.  

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