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Whether you dream of becoming a clinical assistant or are interested in surgical technology, a job in the medical tech field can make for a fulfilling career. To get started, you need the right medical technical school.

Founded in Ocean Township, NJ, in 2006, the Medical Career Institute is your one-stop-shop for medical career training in Monmouth and Ocean Counties. Offering both morning and evening classes, they cater to students from all walks of life who are wishing to change their professional lives for the better.

Medical Career Institute’s diverse offering includes programs in diagnostic medical sonography, surgical technology, medical billing and coding plus several more fields in demand in the medical career field. You can find a list of their full course selection online. Whatever educational path you choose, you will gain contact with experienced professionals—from physicians to nurses, ultrasound sonographers, medical assistants, certified billers, as well as many others.

These medical tech school programs are designed to make you immediately employable beyond the classroom. Emphasizing individual instruction alongside group interaction, you will gain the practical skills needed to win an entry-level healthcare position upon graduation. With this thorough training, you will quickly recoup the investment you make into your education. If you are worried about financing your studies, funding options are available. 

Medical Career Institute is approved by the United States Department of Education, and the New Jersey Departments of Education and Labor and Workforce Development. If you are ready to train for a career and enter the medical technology field, contact the Medical Career Institute immediately. Visit their website for more details on their programs. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call at (732) 695-1190.

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