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Merry Maids of Durham offers an impressive range of housekeeping and cleaning services that are designed to make your life easier. Whether you’ve got an office that requires professional cleaners or your home cleaning is getting to be too much for your schedule, this team of experts will tidy your space and have it looking fresh and new.

There’s no mess too big or small for this Durham, NC, maid service, and you can schedule them for any time. For example, this crew can help with many one-time cleaning service needs, such as after-party cleanup and move-out cleaning. Offering everything from professional window washing to exceptional furniture treatment, Merry Maids of Durham can also be scheduled for regular home cleaning to keep your place looking great all year long.

With Merry Maids of Durham, you can always be sure that your property is cared for with the highest level of respect. Their entire team goes through a rigorous training program to ensure that you are afforded the most spectacular results and have a safe, trustworthy team at your side. Aiming to please, they will also work with you to provide customized cleaning solutions, whether you have special requests or a unique job, such as post-construction cleaning.

Are you ready to enjoy your home again without having to make time to clean every day? Call the Merry Maids of Durham to request a quote or schedule maid service at (919) 598-1889. You can also visit them online to learn more about their one-time cleaning services.





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