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Turnkey Renovations LLC, Home Remodeling Contractors, Services, Fairfield, Ohio

Turnkey Renovations LLC is a full-service real estate investing company that provides home remodeling services to clients throughout Fairfield, OH who are looking to sell their houses. Turnkey has been in business since June of 2011, and has expanded into fixing up, as well as assisting with home buying services in order to help new homeowners enjoy a low maintenance lifestyle. Turnkey also has an excellent portfolio of houses for rent. These are properties that are fixed up and loaned to qualified individuals who are looking to rent homes. In addition to helping homeowners with their home renovations, they will also help with foreclosure, tenants, and bankruptcy.

The real estate professionals at Turnkey Renovations are members of the Greater Cincinnati Real Estate Investment Association. The company’s managing member has years of experience in the real estate industry that helps Turnkey Renovations delve deeper into the Cincinnati real estate market and assist more home sellers and home buyers.

If you’re looking to move into a new area or a new house, the home builders at Turnkey Renovations LLC will provide home remodeling services and explain how to sell your house to prospective buyers. Visit the real estate investing company online or call (513) 341-8740 for more information.

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