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Since 1995, Autoworks Collision Center has been the go-to auto experts for car owners all throughout Rockford, MN. Not only do they specialize in providing exceptional collision repair and auto detailing services, but this local auto body repair shop also supplies convenient car rental and towing services. It doesn’t matter what type of vehicle you own. These certified technicians are committed to continuing their education and make a point to stay on top of the latest auto body repair and detailing techniques the industry has to offer.

Autoworks Collision Center prides itself on the variety of services their clients can take advantage of. Whether you find yourself in an unexpected auto collision or are wondering how to get that unsightly dent out of the side of your vehicle, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with these certified technicians. Using only the finest auto body repair tools and dent removal methods, the ASE-certified technicians from Autoworks Collision Center will have your vehicle back on the road in record time.

What if your vehicle is beyond repair? Thanks to Autoworks Collision Center’s convenient car rental service, clients won’t have to worry about being without a vehicle. Once all the paperwork has been filled out and the keys handed over, they can enjoy a temporary form of transportation until they can either purchase a new car or make other arrangements.

While Autoworks Collision Center excels in collision repair and car rental, it’s not the only service they provide. Many clients come to these PPG Paint Products-certified technicians for custom bodywork and create unique vehicle designs. Flared fenders, hood extensions and custom bumpers—you name it—Autoworks Collision Center probably has it in stock.

Whether you’re stuck on the side of the road in need of towing services or are looking for a way to spruce up your vehicle, Autoworks Collision Center is the place to call. Receive your free estimate today by calling (763) 477-6653. Visit their website for additional information about this local auto body repair shop.


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