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The Vineyards at Concord

The Vineyards at Concord

119 West High Street
Frankfort, OH 45628
(740) 998-4777
The Vineyards at Concord, Assisted Living Facilities, Health and Beauty, Frankfort, Ohio

Modern senior living has come a long way from what most expect from a nursing home. These days the best skilled nursing residences, like The Vineyards at Concord in Frankfort, Ohio, strive to provide personalized senior care, emphasizing rehabilitation, dementia care, and the highest quality of life for residents.

Beginning operation in 1986, with their current campus having started operation in 2009, this skilled nursing home has a unique combination of experienced, compassionate staff and a clean, modern facility. Their comfortable, inviting rooms are suitable for residents experiencing all levels of mobility with many private suites available. Their professional, up-to-date kitchen provides delicious, home-style meals approved by their registered dietitian to meet the distinctive nutritional needs of each resident. Moreover, their professional staff can provide personalized, individual care for a broad range of requirements, from respite and rehabilitation to Alzheimer’s, dementia, long term and hospice care.

As a member of the Ohio Health Care Association, The Vineyards at Concord provides the full medical support and general care services all clients should expect from a nursing home. However, The Vineyards at Concord strives to provide senior care that consistently surpasses industry best practices in support of the health, comfort, and happiness of each resident. The Vineyards at Concord endeavors to go above and beyond what you might expect from a nursing home. Every aspect of their senior care is to benefit the residents. From their engaging, vibrant social programs and activities to their alert and dependable, medical supervision, the members of the facility’s staff are poised to provide the best possible care available.

If you’re considering senior care options, visit Central Ohio’s best skilled nursing facility and discover how The Vineyards at Concord could be right for you. Visit their website to learn more about their Frankfort, Ohio campus or call (740) 998-4777 to talk to a member of their caring, compassionate staff.

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