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DeCarolis NationaLease offers all the services you need to stay strong on the road, whether you need to rent a truck for a single job or want to invest in long-term maintenance and protection for your hauling vehicle. As one of the best NY trucking companies, this team is equipped to provide comprehensive truck and trailer repairs, a variety of rental options, and flexible truck service plans that can work with your individual maintenance preferences.

Operating out of two locations in Rochester, NY, this company has provided truck rentals and service for more than 75 years. Their commitment to success and customer satisfaction has allowed them to grow an immense fleet of trucks for both long- and short-term rentals. From Class 3 to Class 8, their $12 million fleet is one of the largest in New York, so you’ll always be able to find a ride that fits your hauling needs.

If you’re looking for something a little more permanent, DeCarolis NationaLease can also provide you with a truck lease that includes full-service maintenance and nationwide support. Or, if you’d rather own a used truck or trailer, commercial, light-duty, and medium-duty options are available for sale.

If you already own a truck but are looking for a reliable team of mechanics that can provide everything from routine truck inspections to advanced repairs, DeCarolis NationaLease has the necessary expertise. Whether you want complete coverage for a set period of time or would rather opt for billable contract repairs, their service agreements come with flexible terms, allowing you to choose a model that works best for you. They even carry an impressive inventory of heavy-duty parts for customers who prefer to make their own repairs.

If you’re a truck driver based out of New York, there’s no better choice for truck maintenance, repairs, and leases than this industry leader. You can learn more about DeCarolis NationaLease and all their services online, or call (585) 427-2670 to discuss solutions to improve your trucking operation.

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