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The Great Indian Adventure

We provide a tailor-made and authentic Indian Experience, for unique clientele.

The Great Indian Adventure

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Life is so short; everyone should have an adventure! Those in need of a little excitement and wonderment beyond the borders of their own daily life will become swept up in a journey like no other in the world’s most magically chaotic country - India.

The Great Indian Adventure is a tour company that gives visitors the most authentic and delightful experience in India. Travelers are encouraged to embrace the adventure that is everyday life in India, from buying vegetables and driving around in the city to attending a dazzling traditional Indian wedding. The team of The Great Indian Adventure will build the experience you want to have in India, whether it's visiting the great cultural sites or participating in informal and local events.

Each vacation run by The Great Indian Adventure is both thrilling and convenient, with access to all of the facilities, connections, and adventures that the average people in India enjoy, avoiding the hackneyed tourist trap experiences.

Guests can look forward to authentic moments including:

  • Viewing the Tiger National Reserve from a tree-house
  • Hiking in the Himalayas
  • Lunch al fresco overlooking the Taj Mahal
  • Camping-out in the desert after a Camel Safari

Enjoy a whirlwind of non-stop adventures during your time in India. To learn more about how to build your own vacation with The Great Indian Adventure, visit the website or call (917) 783-9752.