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To get your drivers license, you have to pass one of the most important tests of your life. To succeed, it’s crucial that you have access to a good teacher. Key Driving School, Inc. can provide you with those teachers in Northwest Ohio. With multiple locations in Delta, Napoleon, and Whitehouse, Key Driving School, Inc.’s accessibility makes it easy for you to get to class and get one step closer to transportation freedom. As a locally grown business, they have been keeping the roads of Northwest Ohio safe since 1993 by making it their mission to help teens and adults with their driving training services.

Key Driving School, Inc. offers excellent driving instruction classes for adult and student drivers. Student drivers can take advantage of the maneuverability course available at the Delta location to practice for their exam. Parents of student drivers can easily stay up to day with their child’s progress through drop-in conferences and constant access to student driving evaluations.

This exceptional driving school also provides adult driving instructions tailored to individual needs, such as professional driving assessments, driver awareness instruction, and defensive driving workshops. Additionally, they run a senior insurance discount program, certifying eligible “mature operators” through their Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention Course.

Key Driving School, Inc. is licensed by the Ohio Department of Public Safety. Because they’re committed to the protection of their student drivers, they’ve made the decision to invest in insurance above the state required minimum. The driving school wants to provide the best to their patrons, so they only employ licensed driving instructors who are dedicated to coaching capable, competent, and safe drivers.

For more information about the driving instruction programs and classes offered by Key Driving School, Inc., call them at (800) 952-DRIV (3748) or (419) 822-3740. You can also contact them and register online.

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