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Jackie David Skin Care

Anyone can achieve beautiful skin by simply making the effort.

Jackie David Skin Care

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Jackie David Skin Care, Medical Spas, Health and Beauty, New York, New York

Jackie David believes that anyone can achieve beautiful skin by simply making the effort.

Jackie’s passion for skin care began when she noticed the damage that years of tanning bed visits and sun had done to her skin. Over decades, she’s experimented with any and every routine imaginable in the search for eternal beauty.

After witnessing the dramatic results of dermaplaning, skin needling and permanent makeup, Jackie chose to create a skin care company specializing in these areas. One of her greatest joys is being able to share her invaluable knowledge of skin care with others. With her artistic skill and attention to detail, Jackie will help you reverse years of aging and make you look your very best.

Jackie is a licensed aesthetician and Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional (CPCP) by the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP). She is an active member of SPCP, meeting the highest standards for safety and technical expertise. As a member, she is kept appraised of advancements and techniques in the industry, through continued educational classes and conventions, as well as regular announcements and newsletters. In 2011, she attended the SPCP conference in Memphis, TN.

In 2010, Jackie completed the advanced scar camouflage course at The Beau Institute. In 2011, she completed Dr. Linda Dixon’s Slope Technique, 3 day workshop in Las Vegas. The workshop was on areolas, skin needling, topicals, color theory, color corrections, eyeliner, brows and lips.

Jackie is also a member of The American Academy of Micropigmentation. She was originally trained in permanent makeup under the direction of expert Sally Hayes and in advanced dermaplaning and skincare by famed Donna Messenger. Jackie is also certified in Chemical Peel Training by PCA Skin. She holds a degree in Communications from Eastern Illinois University.

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