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Beautiful and functional spaces by fully integrating all facets of architecture, design, painting, and sculpture.

Interior Planning and Design

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For over thirty years, Interior Planning Design, Inc., has created beautiful and functional spaces by fully integrating all facets of architecture, design, painting, and sculpture.

Led by the vision of Joseph Haber, every project’s aesthetic emanates from close collaborative relationships with each client. Interior Planning Design, Inc. believes that people's environments -- both residential and commercial -- are symbolic representations of themselves. Utilizing new technology and affordable materials, natural and artificial light, IPD focuses on creating home or work environments that are beautiful, detailed, and original, and that also respond to the specifics of site, program, budget, and schedule.

Joseph “Yossi” Haber—architect, interior designer and artist—has over thirty years of experience, specializing in customized commercial and residential structures and spaces. Throughout the Tri-State area and South Florida, Yossi has designed custom residential homes, intricate landscapes, and interiors for law offices, doctors’ offices, and large corporate headquarters. Yossi combines the precision of an architect with the soul of an artist. Above all else, he focuses on making people feel comfortable in their environment.

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