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Baucom's Precious Memories Services

Baucom's Precious Memories Services

199 Jamestown Mall
Florissant, MO 63034-2906
Baucom's Precious Memories Services, Funeral Homes, Services, Florissant, Missouri

As an intimate gathering place in the St. Louis, MO, area, Baucom’s Precious Memories Services offers everything you need to celebrate life’s most precious moments. From anniversaries to graduations, their experienced staff of event planners is committed to helping customers memorialize all aspects of life. Their multipurpose facility is locally owned and operated, and, with help from a professional event planner, there’s always a reason to celebrate.

Baucom’s Precious Memories Services boasts a 4,700-square-foot space elegantly decorated with chandeliers, marble floors and counters, and crimson accents. Their main floor hosts up to 100 guests, while the lower level has the capability to seat more than 80 people. Each area offers an intimate setting for every kind of celebration, and customers choose to utilize the spaces separately or combine them to accommodate larger gatherings. In addition to these two meeting halls, Baucom’s Precious Memories Services will soon add a third option at a separate location, the Memorial Chapel & Cremation.

Regardless of the kind of event you’re planning, Baucom’s Precious Memories Services will utilize their community connections and special event planning staff to bring your vision to life. They work with wedding planners, funeral directors, and caterers to organize events celebrating life. Your event organizer will plan out the place settings, table arrangements, and catering details according to your specific instructions. They pride themselves on being prompt, responsive, and incredibly organized.

Above everything else, Baucom’s Precious Memories Services wants to help their clients enjoy life’s special moments. They want to help you rejoice in marriage and show thanks in death. They’re your venue solution for every possible event. Schedule a meeting with a professional event planner by calling (314) 741-2444, or visit their website for more information about their services.

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