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AAA Paving Company is the only full-service asphalt paving contractor in the Triad area of North Carolina. Serving the industrial, residential, commercial, and public needs of Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, and surrounding areas since 1989, this team of pavers has the experience, attention to detail, and top resources to deliver flawless results.

Whatever the size of your job, AAA Paving Company will approach every step with the highest level of care and precision to make sure you are left with the pavement of which you are proud. Among their many services, these top-rated paving contractors of Kernersville are known to provide asphalt driveway resurfacing, parking lots, private roads, recreational surfaces, and subdivision work. In addition to asphalt paving, this team is trusted to provide exceptional repair and maintenance, including sealing, striping, and patching.

If you’re new to the world of asphalt, this team of expert pavers can answer any questions you have about this recyclable, safe, and efficient surface choice. Their high level of customer service doesn’t end there; their high standards allow them to complete high-quality jobs on schedule at a rate that won’t drain your budget.

To request an estimate or schedule asphalt repair, driveway resurfacing, or new asphalt paving, you can contact AAA Paving Company at (336) 723-1418. Take a look at their previous projects online to see why they are rated as one of the best paving companies in North Carolina. For a free estimate for small and large paving projects, fill out a form online.


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