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For nearly two decades, the expert technicians at Muotka Mechanical have provided a wide range of heating services in Anchorage, AK. Trusted by both homeowners and business owners, this heating contractor can fix almost every system type and satisfy any installation need.

As a residential heating contractor, Muotka Mechanical can provide all kinds of heating services for existing homes, remodels, and new construction. The team is counted on by Anchorage residents for comprehensive furnace service and repair, boiler replacement,water heater service, and gas fireplace installation. They’ll also provide heating installation for garages. No matter what type of job they do, they will always use the latest resources to make sure your home is outfitted with optimal heating solutions.

In addition to furnace and boiler service and installation, Muotka Mechanical has a reputation for providing large-scale heating solutions for businesses. As a commercial heating contractor, they can help with commercial HVAC service, gas line installation, and recovery systems. To ensure that your facility is operating efficiently, this team also performs heating inspections and cold compliance and can provide eco-friendly air ducting and fans.

To learn more about heating repair and installation assistance, as well as their other extensive services, visit Muotka Mechanical online. You can also call the team at (907) 344-8825 to request a free no-obligation estimate on heating contractor services in Anchorage. 


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