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For over 18 years, Sterling Superior Service has provided full-service waste disposal and recycling services to residents in the Southeastern Connecticut area. This business is well versed in managing waste and can offer assistance to anyone who has a load of trash or construction material that needs to be disposed of properly. Open six days a week, Franklin locals are welcome to drop off waste materials at Sterling Superior Service’s recycling center without being preapproved or obtaining a permit.

Customers who are unsure of what to do with demolition materials, rubbish, roofing materials or even old household junk can rest easy knowing that the friendly professionals at Sterling’s Superior Service will dispose of it safely and legally for a flat rate based on weight. If you adhere to the “do-it-yourself” school of thought, you can rent both dumpsters and roll-off containers in a variety of sizes. Think you’re not qualified to operate such machinery? This company rents containers to everyone from contractors and homeowners to businesses and apartment complexes. 

Fully licensed and insured, this company is dedicated to providing Franklin residents thorough waste management services with a can-do attitude. Since 1998, they’ve committed to providing community members with reasonable prices and complete customer satisfaction. If you’re in Franklin, CT, see how easy it can be to get rid of unwanted waste and visit Sterling’s Superior Service’s recycling center. Check out their website for a dumpster rental or give them a call at (860) 642-7351 to see how they can best assist you.



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