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Stuart R. Norman Jr. , Property & Real Estate Law, Services, Griswold, Connecticut

When you're closing a real estate deal worth enormous sums of money, writing your will, or suffering from auto accident injuries, you need a skilled attorney to protect your interests and stand up for your rights. For over 40 years, Jewett City, CT, residents have relied on Stuart R. Norman Jr., a talented attorney with deep roots in the local community.

As one of the area's most respected and trusted real estate attorneys, Stuart R. Norman Jr. has closed mortgages with most of the nation's leading banks and brokers and has extensive experience with conventional, FHA, and VA loans. From buying and selling a home to establishing your rights to the property and explaining applicable zoning laws, you can rely on Stuart and his team for the guidance you need.

In addition to being a proven real estate attorney, he also provides a range of services for seniors who want to ensure that their wishes are respected after they're gone. The law office prides themselves on standing up for the rights of accident victims who have been injured due to someone else's negligence.

While other law offices outsource their title searches and other tasks, Stuart R. Norman Jr. and his team believe in taking full accountability for all of their actions. As one of the few law firms in the state who still perform their own title searches, they provide a level of service and peace of mind other providers can't match.

To schedule a consultation with a trusted real estate attorney today, call their Jewett City offices at (860) 376-0069. Visit them online to learn more about their long-standing local reputation and range of services.

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While some legal challenges are common to all walks of life, some become more likely as you age. Elder law is the collective name for a small group of legal practice areas which are more
When thinking about your future and any long-term preparations and goals, estate planning should be a central part of those arrangements. Stuart R. Norman Jr. is an estate more
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Although many people choose to purchase or sell a home on their own, in most cases, working with a skilled real estate attorney is the best option. When it comes to securing the more
It is never too early to start estate planning because life is unpredictable, and you can update your will as often as need. If you don’t already have a will, turn to Stuart R more
Unfortunately, old age can translate as vulnerability, and no one wants to see their loved ones taken advantage of. What’s more, senior citizens have specific legal needs, more