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Justin C Freeman

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Justin C Freeman, Attorneys, Services, Hartford, Connecticut

When an individual finds himself in a legal predicament that is likely to go to trial, it is important that they hire a lawyer who will devote personal attention and individualized service to their case. The Hartford, CT, law firm of Justin C Freeman works one-on-one with their clients to wholly understand their predicaments and strategize solutions that will result in the best possible outcomes.

The law firm of Justin C Freeman has been providing reliable and successful trial litigation services to residents in the Hartford area since 2010. The high level of customer service that Mr. Freeman and his staff show towards clients, other lawyers, and court personnel have allowed them to litigate hundreds of cases to great success. 

Justin C Freeman is strictly a litigation attorney, and specializes in cases that involve the following:

  • Criminal Defense
  • Personal Injury/Slip & Fall Injury
  • Auto Accidents
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Divorce/Family Law
  • Labor Relations
  • Insurance Claims

Justin C Freeman and his team are dedicated to protecting the rights of the people of Hartford both in and out of the courtroom. From negotiating settlements to aggressively advocating for a client’s rights in front of a judge and jury, Mr. Freeman helps clients navigate the complexities of a legal claim or lawsuit.

Individuals in the Hartford, CT area who are interested in personal and aggressive legal representation are encouraged to reach out to the litigation attorney and team at Justin C Freeman law firm. Reach out today by visiting online or calling their law office at (860) 249-­4444.





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