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Daniel J. Kroger OD

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Daniel J. Kroger OD, Optometrists, Health and Beauty, West Chester, Ohio

Enjoying clear vision is a precious gift. As such, finding the right optometrist for eye exams, contact lenses, and lifelong eye loss prevention is a crucial part of maintaining top-notch eyesight. That’s why so many residents in the West Chester, OH, area have come to rely on Daniel J. Kroger OD. With over 25 years of experience as an optometrist, Dr. Kroger works tirelessly to provide unparalleled vision assistance.

To properly serve all patients, Dr. Kroger offers a wide range of optical services. From comprehensive eye exams to glaucoma testing, ocular disease diagnosis, and contact lens and eyewear fittings, this renowned practice believes in helping every patient preserve eye health.

Best of all, when you choose Dr. Kroger as your eye doctor, you’ll have the opportunity to receive personal, compassionate service at affordable rates. Every member of their staff is committed to helping patients maintain excellent eyesight. Whether you’re getting fitted for contact lenses for the first time or you’re seeking preventative care to ensure your vision is not hindered through sun damage or excessive computer screen work, this office is known for its dedication to providing friendly, professional service in a comfortable environment.

If you live in the Greater West Chester, OH, area, and you’re looking for an experienced eye doctor to fit you for glasses or contact lenses, call Daniel J. Kroger OD today at (513) 777-3936 to schedule your next appointment. To find out more about this trusted local optometrist, explore his practice online.


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