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If you have been charged with a DUI in North Carolina, your future is on the line. Thomas W. Smothers, Attorney At Law, in High Point, understands the serious consequences that come with a DUI charge. If convicted, you face steep fines, jail time, and the social stigma that comes with a criminal record. Because of this, it is imperative that you consult with a DUI lawyer as soon after receiving the charges as possible. 

The criminal defense attorneys at Thomas W. Smothers, Attorney At Law routinely deal with cases involving DUI and DWI charges. Their extensive experience in this particular area of the law has armed them with the skill and knowledge necessary to defend their clients in all matters related to DUI charges, including but not limited to license suspensions, toxilizer assessment, probable-cause issues, and implied-consent issues.

In addition to assisting clients with DUI charges, the defense attorneys at Thomas W. Smothers, Attorney At Law handle both criminal and traffic-related charges as well. Whether you were charged with something as minor as speeding, driving on a suspended license, or something much more formidable like assault or homicide, the legal experts at their High Point law firm offer sound legal advice and reliable representation in your greatest time of need. 

Defense Attorney Thomas W. Smothers exclusively practices criminal law and DUI defense in the state of North Carolina. As a result, he has earned the distinction of a specialist in his area of practice. Attorney Smothers and his team possess an advanced knowledge of North Carolina criminal law and the trial experience necessary to see their clients through even the most complex legal situations.

For individualized legal attention from the very beginning of your case through to the end, call the High Point DUI defense lawyers of Thomas W. Smothers, Attorney At Law at (336) 885-1240. Visit their website to learn more or schedule your free consultation.


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