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Interlocking Beauty Salon, Inc.

1655 Flatbush Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11210
Interlocking Beauty Salon, Inc., Hair Salons, Health and Beauty, Brooklyn, New York

Are you tired of seeing other people with beautiful full and thick hair? Do you ever wonder how they were endowed with naturally lovely locks and you are stuck with the thinning, wiry, and out of control hair? Their secret could just as easily become your secret too!

At Interlocking Hair Salon we provide professional hair weaving that’s so natural no one will never know the difference. With over 45 years of experience in the industry, you can have complete confidence that if you can't grow it, we'll sew it, and no one will know it!

World renowned Clem LueYat has successfully earned the title The Master Hair Weaver of the World. Clem has carefully selected and trained his team of hair weaving professionals. Their experience and expertise sets them apart from any other hair weaving salon in the nation. At Interlocking Salon our clients go from no hair to lots of hair and with no lumps or bumps. Clem uses a hair weaving technique with no glue, corn-rowing, and no foundation. He simply uses a needle and thread in a process feasible for any hair texture. Clem professional team is available to provide you with gorgeous locks too, at the Interlocking Hair Salon, right in your neighborhood!, Along with hair weaving we provide professional services such as hair cutting, smoothing, styling, and coloring.

Our talented team of make-up artists can bring out your inner beauty for any occasion. At Interlocking Hair Salon you can expect to have your specific beauty needs met by an expert, in a low-key environment. Our Salon Manager is always available to take your call and answer all your questions pertaining to hair and hair care products. Call Interlocking Hair Salon today for hair weaving in Brooklyn, NY at 718-951-1993. Mention this Local Vox ad to receive 10% off (after taxes) on hair weaving and extensions! Call to receive our weekly specials!

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