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O'Mensah Auto & Truck Service, Auto Repair, Services, East Providence, Rhode Island

Bringing your car to a mechanic when it breaks down is important for getting you and your ride back on the road, but taking preventative measures to keep it from reaching that point is even more imperative. At O’Mensah Auto & Truck Service in East Providence, RI, they specialize in preventative maintenance and auto repair. Whether you’re the owner of an expensive foreign sports car or a modest domestic pickup truck, their ASE certified mechanics are just what the doctor ordered for your vehicle.

Vehicles experience various maintenance issues, some of which can’t be avoided. When you’re faced with an unexpected issue with your vehicle, the experts at this family owned and operated shop will diagnose issues quickly, leading to fast turnaround times. Their services include engine repair and rebuilding, emissions testing, cooling system maintenance, tire rotation, and brake repair services.

From light cars to heavy-duty trailers, this full-service auto repair shop provides high-quality maintenance and superior customer service for everyone they serve. If you’re in need of fleet repairs, they provide service for that too. Their service, On Site Fleet Repairs, provides just that—on-site repair and maintenance for your fleet. Whether you own several historical vehicles that require service or you have a semi with a cracked engine block, these are the experts you want to repair your vehicle.

For high-quality auto repair services, call the garage of O’Mensah Auto & Truck Service today at (401) 434-4760, or visit them online for a full list of available services. You can also like them on Facebook for additional information and updates.

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