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Finding a reliable construction company is no easy task, especially one that’s as connected to the community as MK Enterprises in Kodiak, AK. Whether you’re in need of excavation services or snow removal, their experienced staff will perform the job efficiently and always exceed customer expectations. For those looking for a local contractor that covers a wide range of construction and equipment services, as well as housing and maintenance solutions, MK Enterprises is your best bet.

MK Enterprises prides itself on offering services to the Kodiak community that are built upon a strong foundation of customer care. Their extensive knowledge and experience make them ideal to meet the needs of many construction, housing, and equipment projects. MK Enterprises knows the importance of being timely and efficient, which is why they’re committed to completing all work on schedule and within budget. For those commercial companies in need of expert advice, MK Enterprises has extensive experience navigating complicated permitting processes and ensuring compliance with both state and federal regulations.

Because every client has different needs, the services available from MK Enterprises run the gamut—from construction and heavy equipment rentals to housing solutions and on-site storage. They also have experience helping clients mobilize remote sites on the island of Kodiak. MK Enterprises is equipped to provide you with anything you need to make your project a success, whether it be construction equipment or temporary office trailers to be used throughout the duration of your project. For those who require road maintenance services, MK Enterprises also specializes in road and airfield maintenance. If you’re unsure of whether they can help you, their friendly customer service staff will be glad to explore your options and find a solution to suit your needs.

To learn more about the wide range of services available from MK Enterprises, contact them today at (907) 486-5537. You can also visit them online for a closer look at what they have to offer.



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