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There’s a dentist’s office, and then there’s Carter S. Yokoyama, DDS, dental spa in Kailua-Kona, HI. Dr. Yokoyama’s practice combines the latest technology in dentistry with a comfortable customer experience. Contrary to common practice, he prefers to keep his patient volume low so that patients don’t feel rushed and can get to know their dentist on a more personal level. In addition to top-quality dental care and personalized customer experience, Dr. Yokoyama’s dental spa feels more like being pampered than visiting the dentist.

Dr. Yokoyama specializes in cosmetic dentistry such as teeth whitening and porcelain veneers, as well as general dentistry and restorative dentistry. He also offers custom-designed oral appliance therapy to treat sleep apnea. Walking into the dental spa is a soothing experience; patients are treated to spa amenities and services like snacks and beverages, pillows and blankets to help them feel comfortable, noise-canceling headphones hooked up to music and movies to detract from drills and tools, as well as aromatherapy eye masks and paraffin wax hand treatments. Patients are so comfortable in the dental spa they don’t want to leave! For patients who have severe anxiety about visiting the dentist, Dr. Yokoyama offers dental sedation to help them feel relaxed while remaining conscious.

Dr. Yokoyama commits to providing high-quality dental care while creating an environment that makes patients feel at ease. He stays up to date on the latest innovations in dental techniques, procedures, and materials to offer the most cutting-edge services. His priority, however, is giving his patients the smiles they want and the comfort and care they deserve. Visit the Carter S. Yokoyama, DDS, website, or call today at (808) 322-0101.

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