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Therapy OPS in Inver Grove Heights, MN, is the area’s trusted choice for comprehensive occupational, speech, and physical therapy services for children. With a mission of progress through play, Therapy OPS can help families who are worried about their child’s speech, behavior, sensory, or motor skills. Their staff of child development experts specializes in everything from autism to sensory and language disorders and can increase progress on therapy goals, help parents find resources, and improve a child’s overall quality of life, whatever the challenge they face.

Outpatient therapy is provided for a variety of needs, including autism spectrum disorders, down syndrome, arthritis, AD(H)D, swallowing disorders, and Traumatic Brain Injury. Through structured play, motor skill improvement, and speech therapy, the Therapy OPS team makes sense of daily life for children and their families. The clinic also works with individuals affected by mental health disorders, stuttering, pain treatment, and voice disorders.

Families find comfort and strength in Therapy OPS above all other options because of their commitment to high-quality, family-focused intervention. Each member of the Therapy OPS staff is an expert in their field and attends and provides professional training each year. With the intention that every family should feel welcome, comfortable, and satisfied with the care received on site, they provide the same kind of progress-oriented care to all clients, regardless of age, ability, or family structure. They believe an innovative approach should still be affordable and a child’s care team should focus on possibilities instead of limits.

If you would like to help your child make more progress, contact the dedicated Therapy OPS team to explore new hope through their occupational, physical, and speech therapy services. For more information about their staff, visit their website, or call them at (651) 455-0561. You can also like them on Facebook for updates.

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