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High Point Friends School

High Point Friends School

800-A Quaker Ln
High Point, NC 27262
High Point Friends School, Preschools, Services, High Point, North Carolina

Since their inception in 1963, High Point Friends School has been dedicated to offering a top-notch preschool, elementary school, and middle school education to the children of High Point, NC, residents. Known for their commitment to the spiritual, social, and educational development of children, High Point Friends School follows Quaker customs revolving around integrity, equality, simplicity, and peace. 

Although the school started out as a preschool and half-day kindergarten center, High Point Friends School now offers classic educational programs for children up through eighth grade. Elementary children enjoy a core academic curriculum that includes reading, vocabulary, mathematics, and science, with resource teachers supplementing their core studies with music, computer, Spanish, and art lessons. Middle school students have a wide range of enrichment courses available to them, including drama, dance, technology, and physical education classes.

Preparing young minds for high school and college is essential to High Point Friends School, which is why the academy also offers advanced math and reading tracks for students who are ahead of their peers. Starting in sixth grade, students will be screened for advanced math skills and paired with the proper class—helping your child to excel.

Dedicated to creating a diverse, culturally rich learning environment, the High Point Friends School is the perfect place for any child. Teachers are dedicated, kind, and devoted to the children in their classes, and kids learn what it means to learn in a peaceful environment.

For more information about High Point Friends School or to read more about their application process, visit them online. In addition to learning more about their mission statement and extracurricular programs, you can also check out their academic calendar to see what kinds of activities students are enjoying this week. 




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