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Based in Kalispell, MT, OHS' Body Shop is the region’s top body shop. With other locations in Whitefish, Columbia Falls, and Polson, the shop’s mechanics are a trusted presence throughout Flathead Valley. These veterans have over 40 years of experience servicing cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

OHS' Body Shop offers a diverse selection of services ranging from maintenance to repair work. As a collision repair specialist, these professionals are especially skilled in dent removal and auto glass restoration. No matter what type of make or model your vehicle may be, a mechanic from this top auto body repair shop will have the expertise to restore it. OHS' Body Shop is also known for their impressive auto detailing work—in addition to a car wash, your vehicle will receive a thorough cleaning and checkup with a focus on tires, rims, and fender wells.

With the best mechanics in the business, you can expect that no detail will be overlooked. The mechanics at OHS’ Body Shop are not only ASE certified but also I-Car Gold Class professionals. Beyond their superior technicians, the company strives to make the body shop experience as convenient as possible for the customer; 24-hour towing availability means they will come to your aid at any hour of the night. With extremely reasonable prices and generous financing options, OHS' Body Shop is always a bargain.

Whether your vehicle has been damaged by an accident or you’re simply looking to keep it in great shape, OHS' Body Shop is a great choice for elite auto service. For a free estimate, you can call (406) 752-8202. You can review the company’s many accolades and services by visiting their website.

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