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Your clothes are a valuable investment that should be handled with care. To ensure both you and your clothing stay looking fresh, you need dry cleaning services on which you rely. Fortunately, at TLC Dry Cleaners in Lincoln, NE, the experts understand the importance of treating your clothes with tender loving care.

With more than two decades of experience in the dry cleaning industry, these professionals know how to eliminate every spot, stain, and smell. By employing gentle precision and the most advanced techniques on the market, they ensure every item of clothing leaves the business looking impeccable. Whether you need to launder your wedding dress, business suit, or uniform, this team understands that every detail counts.   

Between work, errands, and appointments, your schedule can quickly become chaotic. For your convenience, TLC Dry Cleaners offers free pickup and delivery, so you can save time and focus on your life. The service also provides a rush option, because sometimes, you simply can’t wait. Whether you have a big presentation or big date planned, TLC Dry Cleaners will ensure you’re fresh pressed and well dressed. They’re also very experienced in handling specialty materials including fur, suede, and leather. The company also offers alterations and repairs so that you can receive all of your clothing services from the same trusted place.

When you need quality dry cleaning in the Lincoln area, look no further than TLC Dry Cleaners. From the office to the dinner party, this caring company will keep you looking your best. To learn more about the business’ services, call today at (402) 423-5580, or visit the website.

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