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New York City Rescue Mission

Providing spiritual hope, food, shelter, and clothing to the needy of NYC since 1872.

New York City Rescue Mission

90 Lafayette Street
New York, NY 10013
(212) 226-6214
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Serving as America's first rescue mission, the New York City Rescue Mission is a place dedicated to providing spiritual hope, food for the hungry, clothing to the needy and shelter for all homeless and hurting men and women in New York City.

Since being originally founded in 1872, the New York City Rescue Mission has has the same goal to help people in crisis seek refuge and recovery. Over the years, the mission's purpose has been centered on the vision of Jerry McAuley, a self-described "rogue and river thief."

After being spiritually transformed during his imprisonment at Sing Sing in the 1860's, he was released and married his wife Maria, who shared very similar experiences in her life. Seeing the poverty and devastation caused by the post-Civil War economy in New York City, the McAuley's founded a shelter for New Yorkers facing hardship and every night, they were the first to open their doors to the outcasts of society.

Soon Jerry and Maria McAuley befriended Alfredrick Smith Hatch who helped to donate the first Mission building to them and helped to incorporate it as the McAuley Water Street Mission. Today, there are over 300 Rescue Missions in North America and many are a direct result of the McAuley vision.

The New York City Rescue Mission accepts donations from the community as well as donations of good and materials to help those in need, including: groceries, toiletries, clothes and bedding.

For more information about how this rescue mission and shelter helps those in need, visit New York City Rescue Mission

Announcements & Events from New York City Rescue Mission
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As we are finishing up the final touches on our building expansion at the New York City Rescue Mission, we have to make decisions about art work on the walls. That is not my forte- more
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Blessings,-The New York City Rescue Missionread more
This is what greeted me when I left my apartment for my morning commute to the NYC Rescue Mission- more snow! The normal winter snowfall in NYC through February 13 is about 15 more
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Blessings,-The New York City Rescue Missionread more
What is Souper-Bowl week at the NYC Rescue Mission? It is the week prior to Super Bowl Sunday where we serve a delicious soup, hand crafted by a guest chef each night, to our more
For four years I volunteered with my wife and a group of friends, mostly from our church, Communitas, serving the dinner meal at the New York City Rescue Mission. Over those many more
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Do you often pass homeless and desperate people on the street and feel unsure of how to help? During this holiday season, consider giving to an organization that DOES know how to more
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This year is a big one for the New York City Rescue Mission. We are currently building three more floors in order to provide shelter for women, to house more men and to expand all more
Kathy Lee, Hoda Kotb and Miss America celebrate 15 years of hope at the New York City Rescue Mission, alongside our sponsors Starbucks and Disney! We are kicking off "Season of more
Bless those in need during this cold and often lonely season with a much needed gift. Shop through our Christmas catalog below! Know that every one of these items will be used and more
Finally- it was in my sight. The finish line. I was exhausted and in pain, but I had to pull out my phone and capture what I had been focused on for more than 3 years. I was pretty more
"What a joy to have the health and resources to train for a 26.2 mile run. When I contrast it with the broken lives and often bodies of the poor I see daily at the mission, I more
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A recently released Forbes list of the most expensive zip codes in the United States has 10013 at the number 7 spot. The study was based on median home prices. For 10013 that more
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:The New York City Rescue Mission Hosts A Night of Comedy at The Stand NYCNew York, NY – October 16th, 2013 – The NYC Rescue Mission and The Stand NYC are more
This is one of our Outreach Cards! These cards are a great solution to help those asking for your change - hand them a card with directions to the mission. Here they can find a hot more
“Is there an app for that?” That’s a question often asked, and one that would not have made any sense 10 years ago. Now we have weather apps, news apps, sports apps, apps for more
On October 30th The Stand is very excited to present a night of comedy in celebration and support of what the mission does! The show starts at 8pm, but we encourage you to come more
The NYC Marathon is a month away. Here I am once again in the thick of the hardest part of the training- 18 and 20 miles runs. Last year I vowed (and promised my wife) I would never more
There are well over 50,000 homeless people just in NYC, 20,000 of those are kids. It's time we brought them hope. Please support our CEO in running his first marathon in order to more
On September 6, Jeffrey Babbitt was attacked in Union Square by a homeless man. He eventually died from his injuries. Just a few days later, on September 9, local NYC radio 1010WINS more
It is said that some people live to eat, while other people eat to live. If there are only these two categories when it comes to food, I am definitely in the second one. While I more
I was in a hurry to get to the train to New Jersey, and the long line at the check-out was making things tight. I was only after a cold bottle of Diet Coke, which was hardly worth more
The New York City Rescue Mission has big plans to expand operations in 2014, guided by new renovations that will help the rescue mission improve its programs.Originally founded in more
The subway doors close and as the train pulls away from the station, the speech starts: “Sorry to trouble you, ladies and gentlemen. I am homeless and am just asking for a little more
Recovery is never an easy path, especially for those who have been victims of homelessness and hunger in New York City. Therefore, at New York City Rescue Mission it has been a more
The 4th of July is supposed to be hot… and this year it was. Hot and steamy! For most of us, the summer holiday is about finding ways to escape the heat- beaches and shaded parks more
Yesterday in the late evening I made my way to the Mission to check in and see how everyone was holding up. We are in the second week of brutal heat and humidity, and a building more
A couple of weeks ago, over 1000 people gathered in Phoenix for the annual convention of the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions (AGRM). This group meets every year for more
Saturday I took a group of guys who are in the recovery program at the New York City Rescue Mission for a morning of hiking at Bear Mountain. I opened it up to all of the 30 men more
This week I was interviewed on WNBC Channel 4 New York. I knew the topic of discussion was to be mentoring. That was all I knew. So as I sat on the stool with 4 cameras staring at more
When I moved to NYC in 2008 I was told that one of the keys to survival in the concrete and urban jungle was to make a habit of getting out of the city on a regular basis. I had more