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Whether you’re in sales or part of a local dance troop, you have a story to tell. The video marketing and production team at Slate and Main wants to help you tell it. Business owners utilize several marketing and advertising strategies to get their names out there, but few compare to the overall power of a well-written and properly edited piece of cinematography. Slate and Main in St. Paul, MN, supports business owners by creating visual products to tell their stories. They use their passion for creativity and video production to benefit businesses in ways that have proven to be successful.

Slate and Main is a six-man team that believes in the power of cinematography. They each handle a specific part of the video production process and together, combine their experiences and skill sets to create powerful visual representations for their clients. While based in the Twin Cities area, they work with clients across the country and are always open to new ideas and opportunities. They own their own equipment and strategize closely with clients to create videos they’re proud of.

By offering both video production and marketing services, Slate and Main will produce the commercial you already have planned, and they’ll also help you determine what kind of video you should be making and how it should be used to best benefit your company. They specialize in creative directing and advertising videos and also have experience with other kinds of projects including animation, imaging, and training videos. They start with preproduction planning and scripting and end with video editing to tell an emotional story that will speak directly to your audience.

Slate and Main helps clients engage target audiences with narrative-driven videos. Their services will change the way you do business in a positive and meaningful way. Give them a call at (651) 766-6661 to start planning your business marketing video, or visit them online to learn more about their video production services.

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