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As home and business owners try to find time for all their daily responsibilities, cleaning tends to take a backseat to other tasks. PWC The People Who Clean provides a convenient solution with professional residential and commercial cleaning services. After starting out in 1973 as a window cleaning company, they have grown into a Hawaii-wide business with hundreds of employees who are skilled in a wide variety of maintenance services.

No matter the type of business or house cleaning request you have, you can rely on the team at PWC The People Who Clean to perform the task to your satisfaction. The company sets itself apart with an extensive list of services, including floor restoration, metal refinishing, pressure washing, and janitorial tasks. Their experienced employees use high-quality products, state-of-the-art equipment, and proven techniques that allow them to offer competitive prices and flexible scheduling.  

Whether you need a one-time residential cleaning or regular business service, PWC The People Who Clean will restore your building to peak condition. They will deliver on a vast selection of cleaning projects to suit your needs, from drapery cleaning to shopping center maintenance.

Let PWC The People Who Clean take care of all your residential or commercial cleaning requirements. To request a free estimate, call (808) 521-6307 or send a message via their website.

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